Do you sometimes feel like you can't handle a situation anymore? Do you have difficulties in dealing with pressure? Or difficulties to motivate yourself? Do you constantly compare yourself with others in competitions and have difficulties in concentrating on yourself? Do you give up quickly and want to improve your perseverance? Do you think your team can improve its team cohesion

We are often confronted with situations which we can't solve on our own. When training sport psychologically, strategies and solutions for existing problems are systematically elaborated. The aim is to tap your full potential and help you to perform at your highest level!


What exactly is being worked on with the sports psychologist depends on the problem or situation of the athlete.

Possible topics, among others, could be:

  • Visions, goal setting & motivation

  • Dealing with pressure

  • Focus & concentration

  • Visualization & self talk

  • Development of personality and confidence

  • Dealing with injuries

  • Team development & team cohesion

  • Mental preparation for important competitions



  • Individual Coaching

  • Team Coaching (e.g. young athletes)

  • Presentation, Lecture, Talk

  • Workshop


Inform yourself whether you can make use of one of the following funding programs (Austria).