Through our personal passion and long-time experience in climbing, our focus in sport psychology is, likewise, on climbing. Climbing Psychology is psychology – experience and behaviour – in climbing – regardless of competition climbing or rock climbing, for youth teams or individual athletes, paraclimbers, hobby athletes or professionals. Our goal is to support athletes, coaches and parents in the best possible way – from dealing with competition stress & pressure, supporting your child athletes as a parent to personality development and building up self-esteem. What exactly is being worked on with the sports psychologist depends on the problem or situation of the athlete or team. Apart from classic psychological, "theoretical" settings, there is also the possibility to apply learned strategies on the climbing wall. Personal meetings can be arranged in and around Vorarlberg (Dornbirn) and Tirol (Innsbruck). There is also the possibility of online Skype sessions if a personal meeting is not possible. For workshops, events or cooperations in Austria and abroad, travel costs need to be covered by the commissioner.

"The most important muscle when climbing is your head ". [W. Güllich]

If you are interested in a personal or team mental training, cooperations, speaking at events or running a workshop, leave us a message!