Mental Training Diary for Fear of Falling

Mental Training Diary for Fear of Falling


Climbing is one of the most fascinating and at the same time most challenging sports – not least on a mental level. How far we can climb, whether we reach our goals or not, is often decided in our head. The biggest mental challenge – whether for a beginner, hobby climber or professional – surely is the fear of falling.

To be afraid of falling is a human primal instinct. Many people are naturally better at dealing with it, others have been mentally training to deal with for many years. Falling therefore wants to be learned.

This practice-oriented training diary aims to give you ideas for different exercises how you can playfully learn to better deal with your fear of falling. These exercises are designed to be used and practiced directly on the climbing wall. For best results, use a pen and paper to take notes and your personal progress.

PDF, 30 pages

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