is a sport psychologist (M.Sc.) and systemic coach located in Hohenems, Austria. She is the founder and CEO of Climbing Psychology.

She has been climbing, learning and exploring for as long as she can remember. Throughout the past decade, she travelled the world representing Austria at youth climbing competitions and later on in the one or other Bouldering World Cup –having done a masters degree in psychology along the way. She is specialized in sport psychology and fascinated by the psychological effect on sport performance, especially observing how new perspectives can push athletes higher and further than ever before. Her personal background lies in climbing for which reason her my main focus is in climbing psychology.



Tom Greenall

is a specialist rock climbing and competition coach from Great Britain. Over the past 6 years Tom has been a real driving force behind the development of coaching in the UK with his philosophy of “progression through innovation” driving new and bold directions. During his stewardship of the GB Junior Bouldering Team, Tom sought a new approach to athlete development culminating in multiple international medals. Personal coaching success has also seen his athletes win World Junior Championship medals and national senior podiums.

In 2018, life beyond the GB team finds Tom back University as he broadens his skills further through his Msc. in Advanced Sport Coaching, coaching an elite group of athletes through his company Insight Climbing and developing new coach education programs such as Mind Control together with Madeleine Eppensteiner and Climbing Psychology. Since then, he has been an important project partner and part of the Climbing Psychology team.

Away from the gym, Tom enjoys traveling to worldwide climbing destinations where he has climbed Font 8a, French 8a and now hopes to complete his triple crown with a Trad E8.




Christiane Mitterwallner

is a highly successful former world cup ski racer and surely one of the most empathetic and most thoughtful sport psychologists there are out there.



is a sport psychologist in Vienna and one of the most supportive people. He always has an open ear but also gives critical feedback if necessary.



is one of the most enthusiastic and motivated sport psychologists, always having new and innovative ideas. Angi is working in Tirol.