Being able to control our mood can be very helpful – especially in passion and emotion rich sports like climbing. We all have our different strategies for controlling our emotions because we all respond in our unique ways. Being able to control our emotions can particularly be important in competitions or other stressful situations.

Music can be one useful strategy to handle negative emotions like distress, nervousness, or anxiety. It can calm us down, or on the other hand, pushes and motivates us to increase our activity level. Generally, we need to find out on which activation level we perform at our best - are we already really activated and psyched, and need to calm down? Or are we super chilled and need to push ourselves?

Depending on that, it makes sense to create different playlists which put us in the ideal state in different situations. It is scientifically proven that music influences our emotions and motivation. We can enjoy the moment and movement. Moreover, if the rhythm of the music fits the rhythm of our climbing, it can have a supportive effect as it reinforces the impetus of the movement. 

Which songs get you psyched or calm you down?

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